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LANDSCAPING Design & Installation

A beautifully designed landscape adds value to your property, which increases as it matures.

Most first impressions of your home, its level of maintenance, and value are made from the street. Whether you choose to have new landscaping installed or to simply update an existing landscape, our skilled designers and knowledgeable crew can create an outdoor area you will love.

Landscape Design & Installation Services


Our planting and renovation services will help you breathe new life into your existing outdoor space. It’s no secret that landscape renovations improve the “curb appeal” of your home; so, let our team transform your outdoors by professionally installing new plants or removing unsightly or overgrown trees and shrubs.


Once we understand your needs and goals our team can install your project using the high-quality materials selected for your specific project. Our trained staff uses the best planting practices to help ensure your plants live a long, healthy life.


Our skilled designers are well-trained and know how to meet the challenges that might face your landscaping. They will work with you to create a plan that melds your ideas with practical options and your budget while adding their own artistic touches to provide you with quality, customized plans for a beautiful outdoor area.


Adding accent lighting to illuminate select features of your outdoor space both adds visual interest and improves safety, allowing you to enjoy your property even after the sun sets.


To ensure your yard packs a powerful punch all year long, consider adding seasonal plants to your landscape design. By incorporating vibrant annuals into container pots or your existing perennial garden, we can help add color variety and visual interest to your yard.

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If drainage is an issue on your property, it’s time to contact our team at Tender Lawn Care. We custom design strategic drainage systems to fit your property and needs.

We solve common drainage problems, like:

  • Standing Water
  • Storm Water Run-Off
  • Soggy Lawn or Planting Bed Areas