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Lawn Maintenance

From neatly manicured grass to rich, lush growth, a well-maintained lawn is a true investment in the value your home.

When you want a professional approach to your lawn and planting beds, choose Tender Lawn Care. As a locally owned and operated business, our customers are like our family. No matter your needs, we will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied — offering unparalleled quality, with a personal touch.

Our services are both comprehensive and diverse. We offer everything from full-service mowing programs and season-long weed control, to one-time mole treatments and yearly lawn aerations.

Lawn Maintenance Services


A beautiful lawn is the basic foundation to a well-maintained landscape and lawn mowing is a key part to keeping your lawn healthy and looking its best. By utilizing proper mowing techniques and the best equipment Tender Lawn Care’s mowing services will give your property a crisp, clean look all season long.

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Soil without proper nutrients will deplete your lawn, leaving it thin, prone to weed issues, and more susceptible to diseases and insect problems. Fertilizer and weed control are essential components for maintaining a full, healthy-looking lawn. Let our licensed technicians address the root of your issues to get your lawn back on track and looking beautiful again.

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Water, fertilizer, and oxygen are all critical components needed for a healthy lawn. Second to fertilizing, aeration is one of the most helpful things you can do to improve the condition of your lawn. Aeration is a process that increases exposure to these essential elements by breaking up compacted soil which allows those vital nutrients to best reach the root zone.

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Insects and lawn diseases can wreak havoc on your property, wasting the valuable time and effort you have invested in your yard. Our comprehensive insect and disease control services can target specific insects and diseases – helping keep your lawn safe and clear.

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Overseeding can help improve the color and density of your lawn without needing to start completely from scratch. The quality grass seed products used by Tender Lawn Care are spread over your existing turf to strengthen and thicken your grass, making it naturally more resilient to weed issues.

The best time for overseeding in our area is during the late summer/fall.