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Lawn Aeration Services

Water, fertilizer, and oxygen are all critical components of a healthy lawn.

Lawn aeration is a service that increases roots exposure to these essential elements, breaking up compacted soil so that vital nutrients can best penetrate the root zone.

While compacted soil is not unusual, it is problematic — it causes unhealthy roots and a myriad of other issues. Poor lawn maintenance, hard clay soil, or heavy foot traffic could be factors that contribute to lawn compaction problems.

Need Aeration Services?

If you think your lawn would benefit from aeration services contact us today

We will analyze your lawn and make recommendations based on soil quality, ensuring the best possible approach to soil cultivation.

Benefits of Aeration

  • Aeration enhances water uptake.
  • Aeration reduces water run-off and puddling.
  • Aeration helps strengthen grass roots.
  • Aeration provides your lawn with enhanced stress tolerance to heat & droughts
  • Aeration improves the resiliency of your lawn.
  • Aeration helps make a thicker lawn.

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